Friday, November 9, 2012

Do for one...

"Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone." 
- Andy Stanley - 

This quote has been running around in my head for the last couple of days. I listed to a sermon by this pastor (who has fantastic ministry and insights in regards to leadership) on the way home from work and I was struck by its simplicity and also its  great impact that it could have. 

God is moving greatly in our new community with regards to orphan care. We were honoured to be able to speak at our new church last week about our story and about the broader picture of orphan care. So many stories after church about how adoption has impacted people's lives. Amazing.
And then we hosted a somewhat spur of the moment prayer night about orphan care and had over 15 adults there. And oh, were there hearts for orphan care. I got chills hearing their stores... 

 - a college student who feels called to foster care
- 2 families contemplating and (hopefully) moving towards adoption
- an RA who has a huge heart for the girls on her floor in university dorms
-another college student who is going on an overseas internship next year to work with children
-a young woman who is leading/discipling Gr. 9 girls in our community
- a lead pastor who prayed alongside us and is open to how the community of Christ should respond
- people praying alongside us for our adoption journey

It was awesome. And God was there.

And this week, for me personally God has been doing a great work in me. Turning my heart towards His people. In James 1:27 when it talks about taking care of the widow and the orphan - I got to see that this week. His great love for His people and how my willingness is all He needs.  A few stories from the week - 

At work, I am privileged to be able to serve those who access our Home Care services. I met with a gentleman who has just moved into one of the facilities. He is in his mid-nineties. He has lived a life full of many experiences. He lost his wife several years ago and as he was telling me this part tears filled his eyes. He said ''I sure do miss that wonderful woman. If I could tell these young couples anything it would be this - treasure your spouse." I just sat and listened. I tried to serve this man - a widower. And in turn, God gave me another glimpse of how much He cares for those who have lost and still grieve.

I get so excited when I get to hear about people considering adoption. In a matter of 12 hours, I touched base with 2 families. I got to chat with an amazing woman who feel the call to adopt. I was privileged to pray with her and have continued to pray for her and her husband as they wait on God...We then got an email, the next day, from another married couple who we count as dear friends (although we haven't seen them in a long time!) who feel that now is the time for adoption. Wow! We get to skype with them this week and hear their heart and my prayer is that we can encourage them in this journey and be of whatever help they need.

We have 3 sets of friends in SK (one is my sister and husband) who are waiting for their child through adoption. Next week, I get to present the cheques with money we raised for 2 of these families as a tangible - "We are behind you heart and soul". This was made possible through RUN 143 - a great organization raising money for orphan care - globally and locally.

So here is where the quote comes in. I can't save the world. I can't eradicate the orphan crisis in the world. I can't listen or be available to everyone  But I can do something for one. 

I can invest and engage and be present.

And pray that God would continue to guide my steps to do His work.


next post...update on our adoption. It is exciting!!!!

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